New Articles

  1. How to Set Up Your Security Metrics Account to Complete PCI Requirements

    Information about completing your PCI requirements with Security Metrics.
  2. Surcharges and Convenience Fees by Location

    Information on surcharges and convenience fees by location.
  3. Collect A Signature In Virtual Terminal

    How to set up and use customer signature on the Qualpay Virtual Terminal.
  4. Level 2 And Level 3 Credit Card Processing

    Level 2 and Level 3 data that should be sent to qualify for the best interchange rates.
  5. 3rd Party Plugin - Gravity Forms

    Information on 3rd party plugin, Gravity Forms.
  6. 3rd Party Plugin - WooCommerce

    Information about the 3rd party plugin, WooCommerce.
  7. ACH Payment NACHA WEB Debit Account Validation Rule

    Overview of the NACHA requirement for ACH verification.
  8. ACH Payment and Validation Response Codes

    Lists of possible response codes for ACH verification transactions.
  9. ACH Payment by Telephone

    Information on the requirements for taking an ACH payment by phone.
  10. Recurring Billing Subscription Configuration

    Subscription configuration settings page information.