Collect A Signature In Virtual Terminal

For in-person transactions, you can collect a customer signature through the Virtual Terminal immediately after processing their payment. The signature collection is done on the same device you use to process the payment (no peripherals are needed). It works with a computer mouse or a touchscreen.

Turn On Signature Collection
Signature Collection is turned off by default. Go to your Virtual Terminal settings to turn on the signature feature.

How To Collect A Customer’s Signature
When you are logged into Qualpay Manager, go to New Transaction. Put your customer's payment information into the required fields and click Submit.

You will see a receipt page if the transaction is approved. You will only be able to collect a signature if the transaction is approved. Adding an email address before clicking submit means your customer will receive a copy of this receipt without a signature.

At the top of the receipt page, you will see the option to Scroll Down to collect a signature or to Skip. If you click Skip, the receipt is saved without a signature. You will not be able to go back and collect a signature for this transaction if you skip it.

If you click Scroll Down or scroll to the bottom of the receipt, the signature field is at the bottom of the receipt page.

Pass your device or computer mouse to your customer and have them sign in the signature field. You or the customer may click Accept to save the signature on the receipt. The signature is not editable once saved.

NOTE: Customer signature in the Virtual Terminal is for in-person transactions only.

How To Email A Signed Receipt To A Customer
After a receipt is signed, you may email a signed version of the receipt to the customer.

From the receipt page, click the Email button and type the customer's email address into the Recipient field. Click the "+" to confirm the recipient email and then click on Send Receipt.

NOTE: A signed receipt alone is insufficient to respond successfully to a customer dispute.