New Articles

  1. ACH Payments by Mail

    Information on the requirements for taking an ACH payment by mail.
  2. VISA Requirements for Subscription Merchants Offering Free Trials and Introductory Promotions

    Information on Visa's requirements for merchants offering free trials and introductory promotions.
  3. Notifications

    Information about setting up notifications for Qualpay products and reporting.
  4. Fuel Marketers Interchange Update - Spring 2020

    Information on interchange updates for Fuel Marketers in Spring 2020.
  5. Generate a Permanent Link for Qualpay Checkout

    Information on generating a permanent checkout link.
  6. Qualpay Checkout Overview

    Overview of Qualpay Checkout.
  7. Qualpay Checkout Configuration

    Information on how to configure Qualpay Checkout.
  8. How To Change The Email Address For Your Qualpay Login

    How to change the email for your Qualpay user.
  9. How To Change The Password For Your Qualpay Login

    How to change the password for your Qualpay user.
  10. How To Add YubiKey One-Time Password Multi-Factor Authentication

    How to add YubiKey One-Time Password Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) to your Qualpay user.