How to Set Up Your Security Metrics Account to Complete PCI Requirements

  1. When your Qualpay merchant account begins processing payments, Qualpay will load your merchant account information into SecurityMetrics. Then Qualpay will send an introductory email* to the designated PCI Contact Person on your merchant account. The email contains a link to create a login to Security Metrics.
  2. Click the link in the introductory email. It should take you to a SecurityMetrics page where you can create your login.
  3. Fill in your Business information, and be sure to use the PCI Contact Person email address that is listed in the introductory email. That will be the primary login for your SecurityMetrics account.
    1. If you choose to use another email address to log in, you must call SecurityMetrics to link your login to the proper merchant account.

  4. Click Create Account.

After you create your account, you will be taken to your PCI Compliance To Do list in SecurityMetrics, where you can begin completing your PCI questionnaires.

If you do not see a To Do list when you log in, please contact SecurityMetrics to link your login to the proper merchant account. 

Already Compliant Through Another Vendor

If your business is already compliant through another vendor, you'll need to establish your SecurityMetrics account as listed above and then send your current attestation of compliance and most recent scan result to

PCI Contacts

If a different person at your company should be the PCI Contact Person,  email Qualpay at with the new information.

*If you are your business's PCI Contact Person and you did not receive an introductory email, please email to let us know.