ACH Payment Notifications of Change Report

To view the NOC Lookup report, go to Reports and select Notifications of Change.

To see what action(s) to take when you receive an NOC, please see ACH Payment Review NOCs.

View the NOCs Lookup table below for a definition of the column headings.

Merchant IDYour Qualpay Merchant ID.
DBA NameThe "Doing Business As Name." Listed on your Qualpay Account.
Control NumberThe unique number associated with each NOC. Use this number when referencing an NOC with Qualpay Support.
NOC CodeThe Code and Description of the NOC. See a complete list of NOC Codes here.

The Status of the NOC

  • New - The NOC has been added to your list. It has not been completed.
  • Complete - Merchant Accepted - Indicates that you, the merchant, reviewed the NOC and took the necessary action to address it.
  • Complete - Fulfilled by System - Indicates that the platform took action to address the NOC.
Status DateThe date of the most recent status change of the NOC.
Incoming DateThe date that the NOC was added to the file sent to Qualpay. The date you first see the NOC may be 1 day after the NOC's Incoming Date because different banks send NOCs at different times.
Account NumberMasked account number. The format for ACH payments is xxxxxxxxxxxx1234.
Transaction DateThe date the transaction was created. Configured off by default.
Purchase IDThe purchase ID, sometimes called the invoice ID, is input by you during transaction processing. The value may appear on the customer’s statement and can be used for reconciliation. This value is system generated when the Qualpay Recurring Billing engine and Qualpay Invoicing initiate transactions.
Merchant ReferenceA value created and input by you at the time of the transaction that can be used for reconciliation purposes.
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Note: If you do not have access to the Notifications of Change report or the Action buttons and would like access, please see the administrator for your account.