Updated Articles

  1. How to View or Download 3rd Party Integration VAR Forms

    Information for how to view or download a 3rd party integration VAR form.
  2. Third Party Gateways

    Information on 3rd party gateways Qualpay can work with.
  3. Working with Google Pay Transactions

    Information on how to view Google Pay transactions on the transactions report.
  4. Google Pay Overview

    Overview of Google Pay on Qualpay.
  5. Level 2 And Level 3 Credit Card Processing

    Level 2 and Level 3 data that should be sent to qualify for the best interchange rates.
  6. Statement Messages

    Information from the message section of the Qualpay statement.
  7. Visa FANF Fee

    Information about Visa's FANF fee.
  8. Statement Fee Descriptions

    Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
  9. How to Reconcile a Statement

    Information about how to reconcile your Qualpay statement.
  10. Statement Report

    Information on what is listed on the monthly statement report.