Updated Articles

  1. Dispute Types

    Information on the types of disputes that you may need to address.
  2. Recommended Browsers

    Information on recommended browsers for using Qualpay Manager.
  3. Obtaining Card Brand Logos

    Information on how to obtain card brand logos for your online store.
  4. ACH Payment and Validation Response Codes

    Lists of possible response codes for ACH verification transactions.
  5. Dispute History Report

    Information on the Dispute History report.
  6. Dispute Dashboard

    Information on the dispute dashboard in the Qualpay Manager.
  7. Currencies

    Information on different currencies you can support for your international customers, and receive funds in US dollars.
  8. Visa FANF Fee

    Information about Visa's FANF fee.
  9. Statement Fee Descriptions

    Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
  10. Statement Report

    Information on what is listed on the monthly statement report.