Updated Articles

  1. Transaction Research Report

    Information on the transaction research report.
  2. Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 (CE 3.0) and April 2023 Changes

    Information on what is changing to Visa's compelling evidence 3.0 and other April 2023 changes.
  3. Payment Profiles And Settings

    Information on settings for Qualpay Payment Profiles.
  4. Create A Plan

    How to create a plan.
  5. Working With Batches

    Working with batches on Qualpay Manager.
  6. Search For A Transaction

    Information on how to search for a transaction.
  7. How To Register For Surcharging With The Card Brands

    Information on how to register with the card brands for surcharging.
  8. Surcharges and How They Work

    Information on surcharges and how they work.
  9. Transaction Statuses

    Information on transaction statuses for transactions processed on Qualpay products.
  10. Transaction Types

    Information on transaction types that can be performed on Qualpay products.