Reporting and Reconciliation


Transaction Research Report
Information on the transaction research report.
Batch History Report
Information about the Batch History report.
Deposit History Report
Information on the Deposit History report.
Pending Transactions Report
Information about the Pending Transactions and Pending Summary report.
Reconciliation Report
Information about the reconciliation report.
Settled Transaction Lookup Report
Information on the settled transaction lookup report.
Qualpay Funding Calendar
Information on the Qualpay funding calendar.
Qualpay Billing Cycles
Information on billing cycles that relate to reconciling your statements.
1099-K Report
Information on the 1099-K report.
Merchant Account Reserve Overview
Overview of merchant account reserves.
Adjustment History Report
Information on the adjustment history report.
Statement Report
Information on what is listed on the monthly statement report.
How to Reconcile a Statement
Information about how to reconcile your Qualpay statement.
Statement Fee Descriptions
Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
Visa FANF Fee
Information about Visa's FANF fee.
How Qualpay QuickBooks Integration Works for You
Information on how the Qualpay QuickBooks integration can work for you.
Export Qualpay Data to QuickBooks Desktop
Information on how to export your Qualpay data to QuickBooks Desktop.
Sync Qualpay Data with QuickBooks Online
Information on how to sync Qualpay data to QuickBooks Online.