Search For A Transaction

Go to Transactions and then select

To easily search for a transaction, use the filter to identify and locate a transaction. The search options are provided in the table below. You can add multiple search criteria to identify a group of transactions or a specific transaction. Once a transaction is identified, select to view further details.

Search Options

Acquirer Reference Number
An 11-digit number generated by the product initiating the transaction. It is a unique number that both the acquirer and the issuer can use to identify a transaction, available after the transaction is settled. For chargeback adjustments, the acquirer reference number is used as the deposit reference number. You can use this number to search both the Dispute History and Transactions reports for the correlating dispute or initial transaction.
Account Number Source
Present when the transaction is initiated by a consumer digital wallet.
Authorization Code
A five or six number generated by the Issuing Bank, to validate a credit card whenever it is approved for the sale of a good or a service.
Batch Number
A system generated number used to identify your batch. Select the batch number to review the associated transactions.
Card Number
Masked card number formatted as  123456xxxxxx1234.
Card Type
The types are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.
Customer ID
A unique identification assigned to a customer by you or your team. Once entered, the customer ID cannot be modified. Select the ID name to view the customer record. Customer records are available if you have enabled Customer Vault.
Convenience Fee
The amount of the convenience fee that you assessed to the cardholder. This amount is included in the transaction amount.
The currency type of a transaction.
DBA Name
The “Doing Business As” name listed on your Qualpay Account. Primarily viewable for consolidated accounts.
First Name
The first name of the cardholder.
Funded Amount
The amount funded to your account in USD. If your transaction is processed in a currency other than USD, this is the converted USD amount.
Last Name
The last name of the cardholder.
Merchant ID
Your Qualpay Merchant ID.
Merchant Reference
A value created and entered by you at the time of the transaction; can be used for reconciliation purposes.
Payment Gateway Response Code
The response code received for a transaction. For more detail, refer to the page on responses that are supported for Qualpay Products.
Payment Gateway ID
Only available when processing through Qualpay Virtual Terminal, Qualpay Payment Gateway, Qualpay Checkout, Qualpay Recurring Billing and Qualpay Invoicing. The PG ID is an identifier that uniquely identifies a transaction.
Purchase ID
The purchase ID, sometimes referred to as the invoice ID, is input by you at the time of a transaction. The value may appear on the cardholder statement and can be used for reconciliation purposes. For third-party payment gateway processing, the purchase ID is available when the transaction is settled. This value is system-generated when transactions are initiated by the Qualpay Recurring Billing engine and Qualpay Invoicing.
The source of the transaction is the transaction origination product. Options are Virtual Terminal, Subscription, Qualpay Checkout, Qualpay Invoicing, Qualpay Payment Gateway, Visa Straight Through Processing, or Other. “Other” is used for selecting transactions processed through a third-party payment gateway.
The current status of the transaction. The status of the transaction will change during its lifecycle.
Subscription ID
The unique identification number assigned to a subscription.  It is system generated.
The amount of a surcharge fee. This amount is included in the transaction amount.
Transaction Amount
The amount of the transaction in the processed currency.
Transaction Date
The date the transaction was processed.
Transaction Type
Displays the type of the transaction.