Recurring Billing Overview

Qualpay Recurring Billing can be configured to match your business’ recurring and scheduled payment needs. The components of Recurring Billing are plans, customers, and subscriptions. All subscriptions require a customer but do not necessarily require a plan. Subscriptions that use a plan are referred to as “on-plan” subscriptions. Subscriptions that do not use a plan are referred to as “off-plan” subscriptions. Recurring Billing integrates seamlessly with Account Updater to keep cardholder data fresh, and a variety of emails and reports will support your management needs. 


If you sell a few products and bill at fixed frequencies, plans are a simple way to create and maintain your subscriptions. If you make any changes, such as the amount, to a plan, all new subscribers will be affected by the change. A new plan ID will be created for the plan with the changes, and the current plan ID for the existing plan will remain the same. Existing subscribers will stay on the current plan. For example, if you charge all of your customers $9.99 per month and then decide to raise your fee to $10.99 for new subscribers, you can update the plan without having to update each customer's subscription. If you would like to change the amount of the plan for all customers, new and existing, you can create a new plan with the new amount and subscribe all of your customers to it. 

You can manage your plans by locating a plan and then selecting to edit, delete, or archive.


Qualpay Customer Vault allows you to store customer data securely along with a customer’s preferred payment information. To create a subscription, you will first create a customer and then either assign it to a plan to create an on-plan subscription or create an off-plan subscription.


Subscriptions allow you to charge your customers automatically on a scheduled frequency.  Use on-plan subscriptions if your business sells mostly the same item at the same amount. In an on-plan scenario, you will create plans, and then when you add customers, you will create subscriptions by subscribing your customers to plans. Use off-plan subscriptions if you have unique billing situations for each of your customers. In the off-plan scenario, you will not create plans. Start by creating your customers, and then create a unique subscription for each customer. You can opt for a customer to receive a transaction receipt in the receipt settings.

Assign users for your account to receive a daily summary of subscription activity once our recurring billing engine processes the transaction by configuring your notification settings. Alternatively, use webhooks to subscribe to and receive notifications of Subscription events. Notifications include when a subscription is suspended, a payment success, a payment failure, and when a subscription is complete. To get started, configure a webhook and go to Administration, select Webhook Configuration, and click on New Webhook.  

You can manage your subscriptions by locating a subscription and then selecting to pause, resume, or cancel.