Dispute History Report

Go to Reports and then select Dispute History.

The Dispute History report displays all the disputes and retrievals received for your account, ordered by the incoming date. An individual dispute status will change based on both the dispute type and the actions subsequently taken by you, Qualpay, and the issuing bank.

Each dispute includes all the relevant information about the disputed transaction and the reason the cardholder reported to the card issuer. When you receive a dispute, you have an opportunity to challenge it (submit the appropriate evidence along with your case) or accept it. Select a row to view the dispute's detail.

The search criteria and a definition of the column headings of the report are below.

Note: If you do not have access to the Dispute History report and would like access, please contact the administrator for your account.

Filter disputes by using the filter icon. See how to configure reports for more information on customizing reports.

The Dispute History report displays the following columns:

Control NumberThe unique number associated with each dispute received. One transaction may receive multiple disputes.
Incoming DateThe date the card issuer initiates the dispute.
Expiry Date
The last date you can respond to a dispute or retrieval request. The Expiry Date will display when the status of the dispute or retrieval is either New or Challenged.
Reason CodeExplains the reason for a dispute.
StatusThe status of a dispute.
Status DateThe date the current status was applied to a dispute.
Account NumberMasked account number. The format for credit cards is 123456xxxxxx1234. The format for ACH payments is xxxxxxxxxxxx1234.
Payment Type
The payment types are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or ACH Payments.
Acquirer Reference NumberAn 11-digit number. Generated by the product initiating the transaction. It is available when the transaction is settled and is a unique number that both the acquirer and the issuer can use to identify a transaction. The acquirer reference number is used as the deposit reference number for chargeback adjustments. You can use this number to search this report and Transactions for the correlating dispute or initial transaction.
Authorization CodeA five or six number. Generated by the issuing bank to validate a credit card whenever it is approved for the sale of a good or service.
AmountThe amount that is being disputed (can be different from the original transaction amount).
TypeThe type of dispute.
DocIndicates whether any supporting documentation has been provided:
- supporting documentation has been attached.
- No supporting documentation has been submitted.
  • Retrieval requests select Respond.
  • For first-time disputes, select Accept or Respond.
  • For new Pre-arbitration or second-time disputes, select Accept or Challenge.
  • Visa allocation pre-arbitrations select Withdraw or Arbitration.