Qualpay Invoice Payments Overview

Qualpay Invoicing provides a quick and easy way to create and send invoices to your customers and prompt payment via credit card or ACH. Your customers will receive an invoice via email, text message, or both. When your customer clicks on the pay now button, they will be redirected to our secure hosted checkout page to complete their invoice payment. For invoices received via text message, your customer can respond to the text message to pay with an account stored in the Customer Vault.

You can customize your invoice's appearance. You can add your logo, add a default tax rate, configure payment terms, enable partial payments, or customize the invoice footer through the Settings option. You can set up your account to automatically send an email receipt of an invoice payment to your customer and configure reminders and overdue emails.

Support a customer with the option to make multiple partial payments against the outstanding balance. You can opt to provide a partial payment when an invoice is created or enable partial payments by default on the Invoice settings page.

Simplify the management of invoices and payments by using the invoice dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into outstanding invoices, paid invoices, invoice statuses, access to all invoices, and the number of undelivered invoices. Select to receive an email summary of daily invoice activity. 

Invoicing is paired with Qualpay Customer Vault and customer information stored in the vault to prefill the recipient information of an invoice. All invoices will link to a customer vault record so you can quickly determine your customer's outstanding invoices.   

The Qualpay Invoicing API enables the automation of creating and sending invoices and updating outstanding invoices. You can use Qualpay's webhooks to receive automatic notifications of invoice activity.