Qualpay Checkout Overview

Qualpay Checkout is a method for adding payments to your website or application using a hosted payment page or modal window.  

There are two ways you can invoke Qualpay Checkout, the dynamic link method or the permanent link method. Below is a comparison of the two methods.

Dynamic Link MethodPermanent Link Method
A dynamic link is generated each time Checkout is invoked and requires web development.
The permanent link is generated within Qualpay Manager and does not require web development. A portion of the link can be customized.
The dynamic link is generated using Qualpay Checkout API.
The permanent link is copied from Qualpay Manager and pasted into your website or application.
Each payment transaction is processed via a unique link.
Each payment is processed via the same link.
The transaction amount can be set before the transaction or specified (partial payment) by the customer at the transaction time.
The transaction amount can be specified by the customer at the time of the transaction, or a single amount can be used for all your customers.
Partial payments are supported.
Partial payments are not supported.
Prefill the checkout page with your customer's saved payment information for repeat transactions and add customer records to the Qualpay Customer Vault.
No integration with Qualpay Customer Vault.
Webhooks can be used to automate your processes and workflow.
Webhooks are not available.
CAPTCHA options are “None”, “Present if Suspicious” and “Present Always.”
CAPTCHA options are “Present if Suspicious” and “Present Always.”

Refer to the Qualpay Developer Portal to view the instructions for using the dynamic link method.  

Qualpay Checkout supports both Sale and Authorization transaction types. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, International Diners, JCB, Google Pay, and ACH Payments are supported. ACH Payment transaction method must be presented to your customer in USD. If you create a profile in a currency that is not USD, the option for ACH Payments will not display to your customer. 

You can elect for Qualpay to automatically send your customer a receipt.  

Qualpay Checkout can be customized to match your branding. You can create more than one checkout profile to match different payment workflows or brands.

Surcharges or Convenience Fees can be added to Qualpay Checkout to recover your card processing fees or as an additional fee for the convenience of paying an invoice online.