Deposit History Report

Go to Reports and then select Deposit History.

The report contains information on all deposits, adjustments, and fee items that are posted to your deposit account. To perform a proof and verification of all items, review the Reconciliation report. A definition of the column headings is found below in the Deposit History table. Use filters to identify and locate a specific item. You can filter on Merchant ID, DBA Name, Deposit Date, DDA Number, Deposit Description, Deposit Reference Number, and Amount. See using filters and how to configure reports for more information on customizing reports.

Note: If you do not have access to the Deposit History report and would like access, please see the administrator for your account.

Deposit History

Reporting Field
Merchant ID
Your Qualpay Merchant ID.
DBA Name
The Doing Business As name listed on your Qualpay Account.
Deposit Date
Date of the deposit, adjustment or fee item posted to your deposit (DDA) account.
DDA Number
Demand Deposit Account number.
Deposit Description
Provides a short description of the deposit item.
Deposit: Deposits associated with your credit card processing.
EFT PRM STTLMNT PA: Deposits associated with your ACH payment processing.
Chargeback: Adjustments for chargebacks/disputes can either be debits or credits.
MTD Fees: The debit amount for month-end fees as notated on your Statement.
RSRV RLSD: Is the amount of held reserve, released to you, on a given date.
Deposit Reference Number
Deposit reference number is a unique number generated for each deposit made to your checking account. For disputes, this reference number is the acquirer reference number. You can use acquirer reference number to search both the Dispute History and Transactions reports for the correlating dispute or initial transaction respectively.
Amount of the deposit item.