Updated Articles

  1. Release Notes

    A directory of release notes for Qualpay Manager.
  2. Visa’s Decline Code Grouping

    Information about Visa's rules for decline code reasons and appropriate retry strategies.
  3. How To Reset Your Password

    How to reset your password to access the Qualpay Manager site.
  4. How To Log In

    How to log into the Qualpay Manager site.
  5. Fraud Prevention Settings

    Information on the fraud prevention settings available for Qualpay products.
  6. Send An Invoice

    How to send an invoice that was created using Qualpay Invoicing.
  7. Qualpay Invoice Payments Overview

    An overview of the Qualpay Invoicing product.
  8. Contacting Qualpay

    Customer Support and Sales contact information for Qualpay.
  9. Configuring the Qualpay Plugin for WooCommerce

    Information on how to configure the Qualpay Plugin for WooCommerce.
  10. Disable A User

    How to disable a user's access to the Qualpay Manager.