Updated Articles

  1. Release Notes

    A directory of release notes for Qualpay Manager.
  2. View A User

    How to view a user's access information for the Qualpay Manager.
  3. Receipts

    Information on receipts for Qualpay products.
  4. Pending Transactions Report

    Information about the Pending Transactions and Pending Summary report.
  5. Fraud Prevention Settings

    Information on the fraud prevention settings available for Qualpay products.
  6. Surcharges and How They Work

    Information on surcharges and how they work.
  7. Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value Responses

    List of result codes if CVV and/or AVS was used on a transaction.
  8. How To Log In

    How to log into the Qualpay Manager site.
  9. VISA Requirements for Subscription Merchants Offering Free Trials and Introductory Promotions

    Information on Visa's requirements for merchants offering free trials and introductory promotions.
  10. Five Common Dispute Reasons

    Information on the 5 most common dispute reasons.