Updated Articles

  1. Release Notes

    A directory of release notes for Qualpay Manager.
  2. WooCommerce Security

    Information on setting up reCAPTCHA on your WooCommerce Checkout form.
  3. Dispute Ratios and Monitoring Programs

    Information on Visa and MasterCard's dispute ratios and monitoring programs.
  4. Fraud Prevention Settings

    Information on the fraud prevention settings available for Qualpay products.
  5. Receipts

    Information on receipts for Qualpay products.
  6. Payment Profiles And Settings

    Information on settings for Qualpay Payment Profiles.
  7. Generate a Permanent Link for Qualpay Checkout

    Information on generating a permanent checkout link.
  8. Notifications

    Information about setting up notifications for Qualpay products and reporting.
  9. How To Reset Your Password

    How to reset your password to access the Qualpay Manager site.
  10. How To Log In

    How to log into the Qualpay Manager site.