Updated Articles

  1. Qualpay Developer Center

    Information about the Qualpay Developer Center.
  2. Pause A Subscription

    How to pause a subscription.
  3. Recurring Billing Subscription Configuration

    Subscription configuration settings page information.
  4. How To Change MFA Prompt Frequency

    How to change the frequency of MFA prompts.
  5. What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

    A brief explanation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  6. Release Notes

    A directory of release notes for Qualpay Manager.
  7. Recommended Browsers

    Information on recommended browsers for using Qualpay Manager.
  8. Visa’s Decline Code Grouping

    Information about Visa's rules for decline code reasons and appropriate retry strategies.
  9. MasterCard's Decline Code Grouping and MAC

    Information about MasterCard's decline code grouping program (MAC).
  10. View A User

    How to view a user's access information for the Qualpay Manager.