Dispute Supporting Documentation Requirements

To respond to disputes, login into Qualpay Manager, select Disputes, and from the Quick Links section, pick the dispute type you are responding to. View all the new dispute types and select the appropriate response button, available in the Action column. Most dispute responses require supporting documentation. Only one file can be uploaded per dispute response, and the file must meet the following requirements. 

  • PDF format less than 10 Mb in size and less than 19 pages in length. If you have multiple documents to submit, combine them into a single PDF file.  Do not password protect or otherwise lock the PDF file. 
  • Retrieval requests are to have 4 pages or less in length.

If you receive an error during upload, verify that the file meets all of the requirements criteria.

IMPORTANT: For security reasons and PCI-DSS Compliance, do not include the full credit card number.

Once the documentation is uploaded, and the dispute response is complete, you have a limited time to edit the response and change the supporting documentation. Locate the dispute you want to edit by viewing the Dispute History Report from the Reports menu. Select the row displaying the dispute, and if Edit is available in the Action column, you can select and proceed to edit the dispute response. Edit is only available while the response status is Documentation Under Review

To view, manage, or respond to disputes in Qualpay Manager, contact your Qualpay administrator to update your user profile permissions