Working With Qualpay


What Does Qualpay Do?
A description of Qualpay
Contacting Qualpay
Customer Support and sales contact information for Qualpay.
Qualpay Platform Status Page
Information about Qualpay's real time status page
Level 2 And Level 3 Credit Card Processing
Level 2 and Level 3 data that should be sent to qualify for the best interchange rates.
IRS 1099-K Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FAQs about the IRS 1099-K reporting and requirements.
How To Reconcile IRS 1099-K Form
A quick description of what IRS 1099-K reporting is and why Qualpay must report to the IRS.
Statement Messages
Information from the message section of the Qualpay statement.
Third Party Gateways
Information on 3rd party gateways Qualpay can work with.
How to View or Download 3rd Party Integration VAR Forms
Information for how to view or download a 3rd party integration VAR form.
Testing in Qualpay Sandbox
Information on how to test in Qualpay's sandbox environment.
Release Notes
A directory of release notes for Qualpay Manager.
 Fuel Marketers Interchange Update - Spring 2020
Information on interchange updates for Fuel Marketers in Spring 2020.