ACH Payment Reinitiation

To view your ACH Returns, go to Reports and select ACH Returns

Some ACH Returns may be retried, specifically:

  • R01 / Insufficient Funds
  • R09 / Uncollected Funds
  • R08 / Stop payment (Note: The payment account will be blocked. A new authorization is required to unblock it and allow for re-processing.)

When you receive these ACH Returns, it is a best practice to contact your customer and determine that funds will be available in their account before you attempt a debit transaction again. At the same time, collect a new authorization to debit your customer's bank account.

We suggest collecting a written authorization, but you may collect the applicable authorization according to how your customer will be debited (over the phone, over the internet, through the mail, recurring billing, etc.).

In the case of R08 / Stop payment, send the written authorization to Support so that they can unblock the account before you try a new transaction.

If you attempt to charge the customer's bank account before obtaining a new authorization, the payment will fail with the reason code 119.

In the case of R01 and R09, keep the authorization for your records (authorizations must be stored for two years from the original transaction date) and try a new transaction.

The amount you debit for the new transaction must be the same as the originally returned amount.