Settled Transaction Lookup Report

Go to Reports and then select Settled Transaction Lookup.

The Settled Transactions Lookup report includes a list of all settled transactions. These transactions are not grouped by batch, so you can use the filters to locate a transaction without knowing the batch number. You can filter on Account Number, Amount, Batch Number, Currency, DBA Name, Developer ID, Merchant ID, Merchant Reference, Payment Type, Purchase ID, Reference Number, Settled Date, Status, and Transaction Date.  See how to configure reports for more information on customizing reports.

Select a transaction to easily navigate to an individual transaction's detail. You can initiate a refund as a follow-on transaction from the transaction detail. You will find the refund button located to the right of the detail under Actions.

A definition of the column headings is located below. 

Settled Transactions Lookup

Reporting FieldDescription
Transaction Date
The date the transaction was authorized.
Settled Date
The date that the transaction settled.
Batch DateThe date the transaction was authorized.
DBA Name
The "Doing Business As Name." Listed on your Qualpay Account.
Merchant ID
Your Qualpay Merchant ID.
Batch Number
A system-generated number to identify your batches.
First Name
First Name of your customer.
Last Name
Last Name of your customer.
Account Number
Masked account number. The format for credit cards is 123456xxxxxx1234. Format for ACH payments is xxxxxxxxxxxx1234.
Payment Type
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or ACH payment.
Purchase ID
The purchase ID, sometimes referred to as the invoice ID, is input by you at the time of transaction processing. The value may appear on the cardholder statement and can be used for reconciliation purposes. The purchase ID is available for third-party payment gateway processing when the transaction is settled. This value is system generated when transactions are initiated by the Qualpay Recurring Billing engine and Qualpay Invoicing.
The currency type of the transaction.
Transaction Amount
Amount of the transaction in the target currency.
Funded Amount
If your batch is processed in another currency other than USD, the net batch amount is converted to USD.
StatusThe status of your deposit.