Export Qualpay Data to QuickBooks Desktop

Export your settled Qualpay transactions and adjustments in a format suitable for import into QuickBooks Desktop from Qualpay Manager. The IIF file format is available for import into QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, and QuickBooks Online Plus versions.

 You can import Qualpay information about disputes, sales, refunds, credits, and statement fees applied to your deposit account, into your QuickBooks Desktop account. To export your data from Qualpay Manager:

  1. Go to Reports and then select Sync with QuickBooks.
  2. Click the QuickBooks Desktop button.  
  3. Select whether you would like to export Transactions, Adjustments, or All data. 
  4. Select your date range. 
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Select All Transactions or New Transactions.  The first-time you export data, you will only see All Transactions. On your second export, you can choose to import all transactions or only transactions that have occurred since your last export.  

The IIF file will be downloaded to your machine for import into QuickBooks Desktop. Your imported transactions and adjustments will be located in QuickBooks Journal Entries

To learn more about how to import files into QuickBooks Desktop, click here