Retrieval Status and Lifecycle

A new retrieval request creates a case within Qualpay Manager, which is assigned a unique control number for tracking purposes. New retrieval requests and changes in status will be provided via the dispute notification email. You can view new retrieval requests on the Dispute Dashboard. From the Quick Links section of the dispute dashboard, click New Retrievals

You can also view retrievals and their associated statuses by logging into Qualpay Manager, selecting Reports, and then selecting Dispute History. Select the filter icon, and then set the dispute type to Retrieval Request. This will display all the retrieval requests within the date time frame. The Status column provides a quick view of where the retrieval is in its lifecycle. The date shown in the Status Date column is when the current status was applied to the retrieval request. 

New (N)
Any incoming new retrievals are assigned a New status to allow for easy filtering and access to cases requiring attention. When the status is “New (N),” an action button appears to enable a user to respond.
Doc Under Review (Q)
All newly responded retrieval requests are assigned a status of Doc Under Review. Within 24 hours, Qualpay will process and send the retrieval response to the card brand. The status will automatically update to “Fulfilled (F).”  
Time Frame Expired (E)
Any retrieval requests that are not responded to within the card brand time frame will automatically expire. The status is updated to Time Frame Expired.
Fulfilled (F)
Once Qualpay has responded to the card brands, the retrieval request is updated to Fulfilled.