Dispute Dashboard

The Dispute Dashboard, available by selecting Disputes in Qualpay Manager, provides an overview of your account or group of accounts from the previous three billing months and the current month. The dashboard provides quick links to manage new disputes, and graphs to help understand the timeline of a transaction in relation to a dispute, lists disputes by category, and shows the current status of first-time dispute responses. The dashboard sections are described below:

  • All New Cases, located on the upper left-hand side, provide a total count of all new disputes. Select the number to view a report of all new disputes.
  • The Quick Links area, located on the left-hand side, provides a quick visual count of new dispute types and links to a report to view and work all new disputes. In addition select:
    • Dispute Status Changes to view all disputes with a changed status in the last 7 days.
    • Rebuttal Statistics to view a summary of the last three calendar months, as well as the current month, providing insight into the number of responses by count and amount. Select a row to view the detail by status of the count and amount.

Use the dispute notification email to track new dispute types and understand when to log in and view the Dispute Dashboard. Alternatively, use a Webhook or the Dispute API to GET disputes. 

  • Activity by Month provides a tabular view of the previous three months, as well as the current month’s trending data by number of sales, sales volume, credits volume, number of disputes, disputes volume, dispute ratio count, disputes ratio amount and average ticket. The data provided is based on a billing rather than a calendar month.
  • Graphs display by default the last 90 days of data. Change the data viewed between 60 and 180 days by selecting the appropriate option above the graphs.
    • Days to Dispute graph displays a distributed bar graph of days from transaction to a first-time dispute by count.
    • Disputes by Category doughnut illustrates reason code categories for first-time disputes by count.
    • Rebuttal by Status graph provides a bar graph displaying first-time dispute status by count.

If you do not have access to view, manage, or respond to disputes in Qualpay Manager, contact your Qualpay administrator to update your user access permissions.