Recurring Billing Subscription Configuration

To access your Recurring Billing Subscription settings, go to Administration, click Settings, then click the Subscription tab. After making changes to your Subscription settings, click the Save Changes button.

Subscription retry countThe number of attempts a failed subscription will be attempted before being suspended. Max number of 3.
Purchase ID RequiredSet the purchase ID field as required when an off-plan subscription is created.
Accounts Receivable Tracking
Setting this toggle to Yes displays additional options for Invoice tracking of Subscriptions (if the merchant account has both the Recurring Billing and Invoicing products).
It will also enable Invoice tracking for all failed subscriptions with an Outstanding status.
All Subscription Payments
Setting this toggle to Yes will enable Invoice tracking for all successful subscription payments with a status of Paid in addition to all failed subscription payments with a status of Outstanding.
Automatically Suspend
Setting this toggle to Yes will suspend a Subscription if it fails the specified number of times (set in the subscription retry count field). 

When this toggle is set to No, the subscription will stop trying to collect for this billing cycle when it hits the specified number  (set in the subscription retry count field), but it will attempt to collect on the next billing date (except when the payment method is guaranteed to fail on subsequent tries). An alternative payment method is required to remove the suspension on the subscription.
Always email on a failed subscription
Setting this toggle to Yes will automatically email the created invoice for a failed subscription.
E-mail receipt to your customer
Turning this toggle On will automatically email your customer a receipt when the invoice is successfully paid.
Send Me a Copy
Add your email address to receive copies of the Invoice receipts emailed to your customers.
Add Custom FieldsClick the button to add Name and Value Labels to your custom Subscription field. 
Click the button subsequent times to add additional custom fields to your Subscriptions.