Configure WooCommerce Recurring Billing for Qualpay

Once you have installed the Qualpay Plugin into the WordPress Dashboard and configured your online WooCommerce web store, configure Qualpay Recurring Billing, add a plan, or use an existing plan:

1. Log in to your web store’s WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Hover or Click on Products, then Add New. You will now be in the Add New Product interface.

3. Enter a Product Name in the Product Name field.

4. Click on the Text tab and add your product description in text only, or click on the Visual tab to add the product description in Rich Text format.

5. In the Product Data panel, select the type of product from the Product Data drop-down: 

a. Simple product

b. Grouped product

c. External or affiliate product

d. Variable product

6. Select Downloadable (digital) or Virtual (service) if applicable for the product you are selling.

Note: Virtual products don’t require shipping — an order with virtual products won’t calculate shipping costs.

7. Select the Product Data box to add pricing information for your products.

8. Add the item’s Price:

a. Regular Price – Item’s normal/regular price

b. Sale Price – The item’s discounted price that can be scheduled for certain date ranges. The sale expires at 11:59 pm of the specified end date.

9. Check the box next to Qualpay Recurring to enable Recurring Billing on your web store.

10. Click on the now-enabled Qualpay Recurring tab. From here, you can choose an already existing recurring plan or create a new recurring plan following the steps below.

To Use An Existing Plan:

1. Complete steps 1 through 10 above. 

2. Check the box next to Use Plan?

3. Search for an existing recurring plan using the Plans drop-down.

4. Select the correct recurring plan from the drop-down list to apply.

5. Click the Preview button to verify, and preview the item and its plan terms.

6. Click Save Draft to save your work or Publish to add the item to the web store.

To Create A New Recurring Plan:

1. Deselect Use Plan.

2. Populate the below fields with the new Recurring plan information:

a. Frequency

b. Interval

c. Amount

d. One Time Fee (If Applicable)

e. Bill until cancelled (if no end date)

3. Click the Preview button to verify and preview the item, and its plan terms.

4. Click Save Draft to save your work or Publish to add the item to the web store.