Generate a Permanent Link for Qualpay Checkout

To generate your permanent Qualpay Checkout link, go to Administration, click Settings, then click the Qualpay Checkout tab.  

To create a new Permanent Link for Qualpay Checkout:

  1. Click the New Checkout Profile button.  Enter a Checkout Name that will allow you to distinguish this link from any other link you have already created or may create in the future. 
  2. Click the Permanent Checkout Link toggle to on so that it appears in green
  3. Optionally, select the Payment Profile to use with Checkout. This option will only be available if you are using multiple Payment Profiles on your account. Qualpay supports a unique Receipt Profile per Payment Profile.
  4. Set the custom path for your link.  The beginning of your link will always be, but you’ll need to specify what word or words appear inside the brackets< >. If you would like your link to be or, enter “mycharity” or “mybillpay.”
  5. Select Create Checkout Link Profile to create the link. You can now view the Permanent Link as part of the Checkout configuration.