Configuring the Qualpay Plugin for WooCommerce

Once you have installed the Qualpay plugin into your WordPress-powered web store, follow these steps to configure your online WooCommerce web store. Recurring billing is configured separately.

1. Log in to your web store’s WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Select the WooCommerce menu, then click Settings.

3. Next, click the Payments tab.

4. Click the Manage button next to “Qualpay - Credit Card.”

5. Check the Enable/Disable box.

6. Optionally edit the Title and Description, both of which appear during checkout.

7. Check the Enable Sandbox Mode box if you are using the Qualpay Sandbox to test. Add your assigned Sandbox Merchant ID and API Security Key.

8. Add your assigned Merchant IDs and API Security Keys. See step 14 for how to obtain your keys.

To obtain a production account, please contact our sales team.

9. Check the Capture box to capture funds immediately. Use this option if you are fulfilling the goods or services immediately. Leave unchecked, if you are delivering the goods or services at a later date. Note that if you choose to authorize, transactions have to be captured in Qualpay Manager.

10. Check the Recurring Payments box to activate Qualpay’s recurring payments functionality. You can create a plan by clicking on the Plans button and then selecting Add New.

11. You can add Qualpay’s webhooks to keep your WooCommerce orders up-to-date with the latest transaction statuses from Qualpay.

12. Check the Debug Log box to save the debug information to a log. We recommend using this option during testing.

13. Click Save Changes.

14. To obtain your security keys, log in to Qualpay Manager, either on Sandbox or Production. Click on Administration, then click API Security Keys and ensure that the API keys are enabled for the following products:

  • Qualpay Embedded Fields API 
  • Qualpay Payment Gateway API
  • Qualpay Recurring Billing API 
  • Customer Vault API
  • Merchant Settings API
  • Webhook API

15. Select Rotate in the security section and copy your key. Select Close.

16. If you have configured your security keys properly, the Qualpay embedded fields will display for your customer to enter their payment details. If you do not see the Qualpay embedded fields, the Qualpay plugin has been misconfigured.