Using Filters

All reports have a set of filters that enable you to modify the report data and locate a specific transaction or a group of transactions that meet specific criteria. For example, you can filter the Transaction report for all transactions over $1,000 or filter to see all of your declined transactions in the last 24 hours. The filter or group of filters can be saved and easily viewed the next time you want to view a report. Select Load to view the saved report configurations on a specific report. The fields and values you can filter by will be different and specific to each report. 

To add a filter to a report:

  1. Click located at the top left of the report.
  2. View and select the field you would like to use to filter.
  3. Select the parameter you want to filter on, and enter the appropriate value. Select + to add up to five additional elements as additional parameters. Select the trash can next to the value to delete the additional values.
  4. Click Add Filter, and the applicable filter pill will appear next to the  
  5. View the report data. 

There is no limit to the number of filters you can apply to a report. Repeat the steps above to add more filters.

To edit a filter:

  1. Select the applicable filter.
  2. Edit the appropriate value.
  3. Click Edit Filter
  4. View the report data. 

To delete a filter:

  1. View the applicable filter.
  2. Click Remove Filter, seen as an X icon.
  3. View the refreshed report data.

To remove all filters:

  1. Click located at the top left of the report.
  2. View and select Clear All Filters.
  3. View the refreshed report data.