Popular Articles

  1. ACH Payments by Telephone

    Information on the requirements for taking an ACH payment by phone.
  2. Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value Responses

    List of result codes if CVV and/or AVS was used on a transaction.
  3. Retrieval Requests and Response

    Information about retrieval requests.
  4. Statement Fee Descriptions

    Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
  5. Visa Claims Resolution: What’s Changing

    Information on what is changing for Visa's new dispute program, Visa Claims Resolution (VCR).
  6. How To Get A Voice Authorization

    Instructions on how to get a voice authorization.
  7. Pending Transactions Report

    Information about the Pending Transactions and Pending Summary report.
  8. Contacting Qualpay

    Customer Support and sales contact information for Qualpay.
  9. Convenience Fees and How They Work

    Information on convenience fees and how they work.
  10. Deposit History Report

    Information on the Deposit History report.