Popular Articles

  1. Dispute Supporting Documentation Requirements

    Information on requirements for dispute supporting documentation.
  2. How To Change MFA Prompt Frequency

    How to change the frequency of MFA prompts.
  3. Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value Responses

    List of result codes if CVV and/or AVS was used on a transaction.
  4. ACH Payment by Telephone

    Information on the requirements for taking an ACH payment by phone.
  5. Surcharges and How They Work

    Information on surcharges and how they work.
  6.  Payment Profiles And Virtual Terminal Settings

    Information on settings for Qualpay Payment Profiles.
  7. Third Party Gateways

    Information on 3rd party gateways Qualpay can work with.
  8. Statement Fee Descriptions

    Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
  9. ACH Payment NACHA WEB Debit Account Validation Rule

    Overview of the NACHA requirement for ACH verification.
  10. How To Get A Voice Authorization

    Instructions on how to get a voice authorization.