Invoice Dashboard

Go to Invoices and view the dashboard.

 The invoice dashboard consists of:

  1. Days overdue graph shows the number of invoices that are X days overdue. When you click one of the bars, a filter is applied to the Invoice Summary table, and you can view all invoices in the selected range of days overdue. 
  2. Invoice status pie chart for the current month shows the breakdown of the number and amount of paid and outstanding invoices. When you click a pie section, a filter is applied to the Invoice Summary table, and you can view all invoices that have the status you selected. 
  3. Invoice summary table. The table can be filtered by Currency, Customer ID, Due Date, Date Created, Email Address, First Name, Invoice Amount, Invoice Number, Last Name, Last Payment Date, Paid Amount, and Status. A definition of all the fields is available below.
  4. The number of Undeliverable Communications provides a list of all the emails that have been unsuccessful at delivering.

Invoice Summary Table Fields

Reporting FieldDescription
Invoice NumberInvoice number created by you for bookkeeping and reconciliation purposes.
Customer IDAn ID assigned to the customer at the time of creation. Once entered, you cannot modify the customer ID.
NameName of your Customer.

Status of the invoice:

  • Outstanding - An invoice that has not yet been paid.
  • Paid - An invoice that has been paid.
  • Saved - An invoice that has been created but never sent to your customer.
  • Canceled - An invoice that has been canceled. Example: an incorrect invoice or accidentally created duplicate invoice.
Date Created
The date you created the invoice.
Due Date
The date the invoice is due.
Invoice Amount
The total amount charged to your customer. The invoice amount is the total of line items and sales tax (if applicable).
Amount Paid
It is the amount paid by your customer towards the invoice.
Amount Due
It is the amount due by your customer for the invoice. If your customer makes a partial payment, the invoice gets updated, and you can see the remaining amount, which is due here.
The currency you are requesting from your customer.