Create A User

Go to Administration and then select Manage Users.

An administrator can create a user login and assign which reports a user can view. To create a new user, follow the steps:  

  1. Click the Plus icon located at the top left. 
  2. Enter the user’s first and last name, email address, as well as their phone number. The user’s status is set to Reset Password by default. 
  3. Once all fields are filled, click Create User located at the top right. An email will automatically be sent to the new user. This email will give the user a link so that they may set a unique password for their login to your account.
  4. Next, you will view a pop-up window, allowing you to set the user’s access to specific reports, features, and products available on your account.   
  5.  Toggle the options on or off to set access for the user. When enabled, the toggle option will show in green. Disabled toggles will show in white. View user access options to review the details and descriptions of reports, features, and products that can be enabled/disabled.
  6. Once you have assigned access for the user, click Done at the bottom of the pop-up. The new user is now set and ready to use once they have set up their password.