Create A Plan

Go to Plans and then select Create Plan.

By default, all plans will be in United States Dollars (USD). If your account is configured to transact in other currencies, you can use the Profile id selector to choose a billing currency for your plan. Each plan is limited to one currency, so you will need to create additional plans if you wish to bill customers in multiple currencies.

To create a plan, complete the information indicated in the Create a Plan Fields table below and select Create.

 Create a Plan Fields

Profile id
Required if more than one profile exists.
If you have more than one Qualpay profile, you’ll need to select a profile for the plan. If you only have one profile, you will not see a profile selection option.
Plan Code
16 Alphanumeric
You can use this plan code for your product code or SKU number for reconciliation purposes.
Plan Name
64 Alphanumeric
Create a plan name that you can use for your records. The transaction date along with the plan name will be populated in the purchase id on the subscription transaction.
Plan Description
200 Alphanumeric
Use this field to describe the plan for your internal records. The content of this field is not shared with your customer.
Plan Amount
10 Numeric
The amount you would like to charge your customer.
Plan Frequency
How often you would like to bill your customer. Select Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly (you can choose the number of months or number of weeks between cycles for monthly and weekly plans), Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or Annually. If you would like to bill your customer on the same day each cycle, use the on the same day selector. If you would like to bill your customer on their subscription creation “anniversary date” use the on the subscription start date selector.
Plan Duration
If you are selling on an installment plan, set a fixed duration. If you are selling an ongoing subscription, select bill until canceled.  Your customer will be billed until you cancel the subscription.
One Time Fee
10 Numeric
If you charge a setup or one time fee when the subscription is created, enter that amount here.  Your customer will be billed this amount when the subscription is created.
To delay the first billing date in the subscription billing cycle, check this box. Note that if you do wish to offer a free trial and introductory periods you’ll need to adhere to Visa and MasterCard rules.
Trial Amount
10 Numeric
If you charge an amount that is different than the regular billing amount during the trial period you can add that amount here.
Trial Duration
4 NumericOptional
Field to indicate the length of your trial period. The trial duration must match the subscription frequency. For example, if you bill monthly, your trial period will be for X number of months. At the end of the trial period, regular billing per subscription settings will begin.
DBA Suffix
The cardholder will see this suffix appended to your merchant statement descriptor in the first transaction, processed at the conclusion of the trial.