View A User

Go to Administration and then select Manage Users.

An administrator can view all users that have access to Qualpay Manager. To view a specific user’s detailed information, either click on the user login from the displayed table or select the Filter Icon and search for a user by user login, first name, last name, user email, user phone, or user status. You can edit this information.

In the User Detail section, you may view the user’s login, first name, last name, email, user status, as well as user phone.  Review the list of user statuses to understand the current status of a user.  

To exit and return to the list of users for your account, select Close, located at the top right of the page.

From the displayed table, click Access, under Actions. In the pop-up window, you may see Dashboard, Reports, Administration, product-specific, and other sections.  These sections are based on features specific to your merchant account.  Each section displays the items that are enabled for a user. Enabled items for the user are displayed in green, while items that are disabled for the user are in white. Review the list of user access options, where you will find details and descriptions of all reports and features that can be enabled/disabled.

To exit the pop-up window and return to the list of users for your account, select Done, located at the bottom right of the window.