Authorization Dispute Category

The authorization dispute category is one of the four first-time dispute categories. These type of disputes are initiated when no authorization was obtained, or if the authorization code is otherwise invalid. If you did not receive a valid authorization, accept the dispute. When responding to these types of disputes in Qualpay Manager, you will be prompted for additional evidence and supporting documentation. Include the following information:

  • A one-page concise review of why you are responding to the dispute:
    • Summarize the supporting information you are including;
    • Address specific complaints or points made in the cardholder documentation (viewable in the Dispute Detail);
    • Highlight key timeline points, customer interactions, or relevant compelling information that provides evidence that authorization is valid.
  • Include evidence that the transaction received a valid authorization code for the amount of the transaction on the transaction date.

As a matter of best practice, when processing a transaction, authorize as close as possible to the full amount of the merchandise or services at the time of the transaction. When capturing and settling the payment, if the amount is less than the authorization, void the outstanding amount. To optimize your dispute outcome, capture the authorization with 7 days. If the amount is greater than the authorization amount, and you are not in an industry where tips are enabled, void the previous authorization and create a sale transaction for the total amount.

The following table provides the reason description and the reason code used by a particular card brand:

Reason Code Description
Visa Pre VCR
Visa Post VCR
American Express
No Authorization
Declined Authorization

Card Recovery Bulletin

Expired Card