WooCommerce Security

It’s always a good idea to keep your WooCommerce Store secure and up-to-date by installing the latest updates and maintaining compliance with the PCI DSS.  

To further enhance the security of your WooCommerce Store, we highly recommend that you enable reCAPTCHA on your checkout page.  Adding a reCAPTCHA will force your customer to prove that they are a human and not a BOT attempting a carding attack on your website. Carding attacks are a real threat to e-commerce merchants, resulting in costly fees and potential disputes, and customer dissatisfaction. The option of reCAPTCHA is supported on the Qualpay plugin for WooCommerce version 3.1.4 and above. 

To enable:

  1. Install “Advanced reCAPTCHA & invisible reCAPTCHA” version 6.1.5 or above from the WooCommerce plugin directory. You must have a Google account to use reCAPTCHA. 
  2. Click on “Settings,” then set your reCAPTCHA type to reCAPTCHA V2. 
  3. Retrieve your reCaptcha keys from Google by visiting https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin, then clicking on (+) in the top right corner. Be sure to select V2, copy the keys from Google, and paste them into the corresponding fields.  
  4. Enable reCAPTCHA on the WooCommerce Checkout form.

Now, your customer will be presented with a challenge before submitting an order.