Verify A Credit Card

Go to Customers and select the customer to manage. 

Card verification ensures that the credit card number provided is associated with a valid, open account and can be stored in the Customer Vault and charged successfully. Verify transactions are charged at the same rate as an authorization. You can verify a credit card number when adding a new card or check an existing stored card.

To verify and add a new card:

  1. View the Customer Information and select New Payment Method.
  2. Select Credit Card.
  3. Add the credit card details.
  4. Toggle on the Verify on Add.
  5. Select Add.
  6. If the card fails validation, the card will not be added to the customer’s record, and you will have the opportunity to update the credit card details.

To verify an already stored card:

  1. View the Customer Information and the Payment Methods section.
  2. Select Verify on the card record to be verified. If the card verification fails, please contact your customer and request an updated card.

The Qualpay Payment Gateway also supports a verify transaction.