Popular Articles

  1. IRS 1099-K Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    FAQs about the IRS 1099-K reporting and requirements.
  2. Transaction Detail

    Information in the transaction detail sections of several Qualpay reports.
  3. ACH Payment Reject Reason Codes and Descriptions

    Information on reject reason codes for ACH payments.
  4. Retrieval Requests and Response

    Information about retrieval requests.
  5. Refund

    How to complete a refund or partial refund on a transaction created on a Qualpay product.
  6. Third Party Gateways

    Information on 3rd party gateways Qualpay can work with.
  7. Visa Claims Resolution: What’s Changing

    Information on what is changing for Visa's new dispute program, Visa Claims Resolution (VCR).
  8. Statement Fee Descriptions

    Descriptions of fees on your Qualpay statement.
  9. Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value Responses

    List of result codes if CVV and/or AVS was used on a transaction.
  10. Transaction Types

    Information on transaction types that can be performed on Qualpay products.