Pause A Subscription

Go to Subscriptions and then select Active status from the Subscription Summary table.

Qualpay will suspend a subscription when a subscription has exhausted retry attempts. The number of retries depends on the type of decline received from the cardholder’s issuing bank.  An explanation of the reasons that trigger an automatic suspension is detailed below.  You can manually pause a subscription when your customer is traveling or would like to hold their subscription for any reason. All subscription billing instances will be skipped until the subscription is resumed. The subscription will resume at the next billing cycle. For example, consider a monthly subscription billed on the 15th of each month that has paused. If the subscription is resumed on the 20th, the customer will be billed on the following 15th. A subscription suspended for 60 days is automatically canceled. 

To manually pause a subscription:

  1. Click on the subscription that you would like to pause.
  2. View the subscription details, and select Pause Subscription, under Actions
  3. Confirm that you want to pause the subscription by clicking Ok.

Reasons for automated suspension

For recoverable errors or “soft declines,” Qualpay, by default, will retry the subscription three times. You can change the number of retries on the Subscription settings page. On the final failure, the subscription will automatically be suspended. An example of a recoverable error would be a card authorization response of “Insufficient Funds (R51). If your customer adds funds to their account today, you may retry the next day. 

We will suspend the subscription immediately for non-recoverable errors or “hard declines” as there is no value in retrying the transaction. An example of a non-recoverable error is an “Account Closed” response. 

Your customer can also contact their card issuer to request that recurring billing be stopped. In this case, we will immediately suspend the subscription. When a subscription billing instance is attempted after the cardholder has requested that the subscription payments be stopped, you will receive a payment gateway response code of 0R0 or 0R1. If either of these responses is received from the issuing bank, Qualpay will immediately suspend the subscription. 

Responses that will cause a subscription to be immediately suspended

Response Code (rcode)
Status Description
The transaction was declined or returned because the cardholder requested that payment of a specific recurring or installment payment transaction be stopped.
The transaction was declined or returned because the cardholder has requested that payment of all recurring or installment payment transactions for a specific merchant account be stopped.

NOTE: For all other response codes listed here (except 000): we will retry for three consecutive days, till the Issuing card brand declines the charge. 

For authorization, sale, and verify messages, the Response code field in the response message is comprised of three characters and begins with a zero (0). The last two characters will be the response code returned by the authorization system.