Deactivate or Delete the Qualpay Plugin From Your WooCommerce Web Store

You can deactivate or delete the Qualpay plugin for WooCommerce from your web store at any time. If you deactivate the Qualpay plugin, it remains in your web store with all its settings until you choose to re-enable it. When you delete the Qualpay plugin, all Qualpay settings are completely deleted from the WooCommerce admin dashboard. Always be certain that deletion is the right option for you. 

To deactivate and then delete the Qualpay Plugin:

1. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

2. Click Plugins, then Installed Plugins.

3. Under Qualpay, click Deactivate. Once the deactivation option is selected, the Delete option appears.

4. Click Delete.

5. Click OK to confirm.

6. You will see a success message once completed.