Update A Saved Report

On the Dashboard, click  in the Favorite Reports box to view the Managed Saved Reports table.  View any of the saved reports listed. 

To update a shared report:

  1. Select the report to share and click  to view the report.
  2. Change the report name by clicking  next to the saved report's name. Once the change has been made, click . If you wish to discard the changes, click .
  3. Change the sorting order of the report by selecting one of the column names. The arrow in the header will move to that column and will show if it is sorted by ascending or descending.
  4. Edit the filters by selecting a filter and updating.
  5. Change the columns that appear by selecting Configure.
  6.  When you have finished editing, click Save. You will have the option to either Overwrite or Save As New.  
    1. Overwrite. To overwrite a currently saved report with the newly selected configuration, click Overwrite, and then click Save Report.  The next time you load the saved report, you will view the new configuration.
    2. Save As New. To save the report with the new configuration as a separate saved report, click Save As New, enter the new saved report's name in the Report Label field, and then click Save Report.  The new saved report will be listed in the Saved Reports section of Reports.