Save A Report

Qualpay allows you to customize what information displays on reports so that the report will better fit your needs.  These customized versions of our default reports are called Saved Reports.

Note: To See more information about each report and what they display, see Reports.

To start, select Reports on the left side of the screen. Select a specific report you wish to configure and save. Choose how you would like to sort, filter, and configure the report.

Click the label of the column to sort.  The arrow in the header will move to that column and will show if it is sorted by ascending or descending.

Note: You may only sort one column at a time.

Select  to refine the report information shown.

Note: You can add multiple filters to the report.  Also, filters will vary based on the report you are viewing.

Configure the report by selecting Configure. The configure pop-up window contains options which allow you to choose how many rows to show, what columns to display, etc. Once all items are set, click Save.

Name the report you are saving, then click Save Report.

Once the report is saved, you can now add it to your Dashboard as a favorite as well as share with other users with unique logins to your account. You can delete the saved report from your view at any time.