Configure Qualpay's Zen Cart Module

Once you have installed the Qualpay Module for Zen Cart, configure it with your online Zen Cart storefront. Our Qualpay Module for Zen Cart uses Qualpay’s Hosted Checkout Page to provide a secure, customizable checkout experience for your customers.

To configure the Qualpay Module for Zen Cart on your store:

  1. Log into your Zen Cart admin console.
  2. Navigate to ModulesPayment.

3. Click on the Qualpay Hosted Checkout Page Payment Module.

4. Click edit on the right.

  1. Set Enable Qualpay Credit Card Module to true.

  2. Check the box next to Sandbox in case you want to test transactions in our sandbox environment. Uncheck this box to process transactions in Production.

  1. Enter either your Sandbox or Production MID and API security keys for your Qualpay Account. 

8. To obtain your security keys, login to Qualpay Manager, either on Sandbox or Production. Click on Administration from the menu, then click API Security Keys and then ensure that the API keys are enabled for the following product:

a. Payment Gateway API
b. Checkout API

9. Select Generate in the Security section, copy your key and then click Close.

10. Set Order Status Set the status of orders made with the Qualpay payment module to a value of your choice. When the status of an order changes, your customer will be sent an e-mail notifying them of the status change. This is the built-in Zen Cart order status system that allows customers who have ordered goods from the online store to be informed about the state of their purchase. This requires you to track the process of delivery and constantly keep an eye on the process for it to go smoothly.

There are four default Zen Cart order statuses

  • Pending (1) 
  • Processing (2) 
  • Delivered (3) 
  • Update (4). 

The number in parenthesis represents the order in which the order type will be located in the drop down.


For information on Zen Cart Order Statuses click here.

11. Sort order of display Sort order of display in the order you wish the default display of products to start on your site. The lowest order will be displayed first on your store for your customers.

12. Click on Update to save your settings.

Configure logo and settings for the checkout page

If you sell your products using an online store, then you may want to add your business logo to the checkout page to help personalize the checkout to match your branding. Adding a logo can help keep branding consistency across the checkout sequence and enhance your customer experience. 

To learn more on how to add your company's logo and configure your settings for the checkout page click here

Note: The only transaction type supported on Zen Cart is Sale so make sure you choose Transaction type as Sale in the checkout settings in Qualpay Manager.